Scallop Bag Solution

Producing Scallop Bags for the commercial fishing industry

Issue: Size, poor quality, and bag breakage became these Virginia Scallop Fishermens #1 problem, as bags would be too big or too small, resulting in weight fines, and the bags could break, costing significant product losses and sales.  

The scallop fishermen used cloth bags to store scallops while at sea, and the size inconsistency and cloth quality continued to cause problems. Inconsistency in the size of a scallop bag doesn’t seem like much of an issue, however, it is directly tied to the amount of product caught while at sea. If they came into the dock overweight, a fine of up to $100,000 could be imposed from the Fish & Game Department. 

As the fisherman brought their haul onto the boat deck, the crew sorted and shucked their catch. The meat is then placed in a cloth bag, tied, and bound into a tight bundle. Each bundle weighs 45lbs. The bags are placed on shaved ice for the duration of the trip. When the ship returns to the docks, the bags are unloaded in a line, tossing them from person to person. The bags are weighed and checked for quality. 

The current bags had size inconsistencies which caused the weight measurements to be off, resulting in potential fines, and poor bag quality caused broken bags and spilled product, costing $15/lb. The bag breakage alone was costing the boat owners significant revenue.

Solution: Prototype and produce quality scallop bags that would eliminate the risks of fines and spillage.

When Virginia Fisheries engaged Breeger Media, we had till the beginning of the season to produce a satisfactory solution. We buckled down and got to work, determining a suitable material for the requirements of the project. We collaborated with individuals from across the globe. We contacted a family business in Singapore who worked with us and connected us to a Pakistani manufacturer and mill that could supply us quickly here in the United States. Pakistan is known for its’ quality cotton and its’ ability to deliver to required specifications consistently.

Working with the team, we developed multiple samples for testing until we found the perfect poly/cotton bag that met our Newport News client’s specifications. We subsequently developed relationships with other fishing companies to supply high-quality scallop bags for this purpose. 

But the process wasn’t over. It was necessary to inspect the product to ensure that the bags met weight limitations. We worked with a German firm to develop an inspection process and confirm the quality and dimensions before releasing the funds. The entire process required us to work with border and customs officers, freight-forwarding agents, shipping companies and handle tariffs and various inspections. 

All our customers are pleased with the final products that Breeger Media delivered. We continue to provide our customers a quality channel for cotton-based products for other projects.  

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